Seeds to Starts Workshop, Part Two


On Sunday, February 1, Green Corn Project volunteers met to follow up on the seed starting for this season’s gardens. As you can see, we like to get our volunteers started young!

The volunteers pricked out the seedlings from the flats where they sowed the seeds two weeks earlier. They transplanted the seedlings into individual 4-inch pots where they will grow until they are planted during the spring dig-ins.


If you would like to help install organic food gardens for families and individuals in need, as well as for schools and community centers, please register on our workshop.

**Updated: Here are the varieties:
Eggplant: Rosa Bianca (Botanical Interests)
Serrano: Tampiqueno (Botanical Interests)
Jalapeno: Early (Botanical Interests)
Bell Pepper: California Wonder (Botanical Interests)
Tomato: Stupice (Seeds of Change)
Cherry Tomato: Gardeners Delight (Botanical Interests)

(The name in parentheses represents the seed source.)


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