Diggin’ the dig-ins

Wonder what it’s like to go on a Green Corn Project dig-in?
Check out what happened with this dig-in team last Saturday. We headed over to a quiet Eastside neighborhood to help out Jude, who needs garden greens and other veggies to help her recover from cancer. These volunteers cultivated her plot (Jude enjoyed vegetables all winter long planted by GCP volunteers last fall) and planted warm-weather veggies. “It’s wonderful to eat the fresh produce, but for people who are disabled, there’s also so much joy in being able to get outside and do some gardening,” Jude says.

We also did a makeover on two garden plots for Jude’s neighbor, Deloria.delorias-garden2
While we turned over the soil and enriched it with compost before planting tomatoes, peppers, beans, okra and other vegetables, we chatted about our own gardening projects and traded growing tips. Mom-daughter duo Brandy and Laurel (below) say they like helping provide others with vegetables while they gather ideas for their own veggie plots. Laurel’s hoping to grow her favorite fruit: “Pomegranates!”


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