A Passion for Plants: East Austin Garden Fair

Yesterday was a busy day for Green Corn Project. Teams of volunteers spread out across the city installing and refurbishing gardens on a make-up Dig-in day for last Saturday’s rained-out event.

I headed out to lead a double digging demonstration at a Passion for Plants: East Austin Garden Fair at Govalle Park. This was the third year for the free event, hosted by the Travis County Master Gardeners Association and the Texas AgriLife Extension Service, the Holistic Education and Health Network, Sustainable Food Center, and Green Corn Project .

Passion for Plants bed before
GCP volunteer Ann Seago (getting things ready, above) and Master Gardener intern Alicia Nelson helped me teach more than 200 new and veteran gardeners about the benefits of double digging.
Alicia (in the white shirt at the end of the table) hadn’t double dug before yesterday’s event but caught on very quickly, just as most of the fair’s visitors did.

The highlight of the event for me was the recognition of longtime GCP gardener, Paula Gilbert. She’s pictured on the left at the top of post with me. GCP installed Paula’s garden six years ago. She’s now a self-reliant gardener who is going to volunteer with GCP’s crews putting in new gardens. A true GCP success story.
At the end of the event, as a thanks for the Parks Department for letting us dig up the park, we installed a garden filled with native and adapted plants. (Normally, of course, we would plant vegetables, but this bed won’t get enough maintenance to support a vegetable garden.) We planted the bed in front of the sign last year. Yesterday we added the curve and the side bed. Pretty soon we’ll have the sign encircled!

Thanks to all who stopped our demonstration yesterday and special thanks to Ann, Alicia, and Paula for helping us make the event great.

–Suzanne, GCP volunteer and board member


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