GCP Gardening Workshop

March is a busy month for Green Corn Project. In addition to our Dig-ins (garden installations and refurbishments) and dig-in leader training (more on that to come), we also offer a hands-on gardening workshop for people interested in learning how to install their own GCP-style bio-intensive garden and grow their own organic vegetables.

On Sunday, March 22, GCP instructors Amy Crowell and Max Elliott led the workshop at Soma Vida where GCP has an office.

The first picture shows participating digging their first trench, the first step of the double digging process.
Here’s Amy answering a question on how many times you might need to double dig your own bed. Her answer: depends on the soil, maybe once every three to four years, maybe once every ten years.

What you don’t see is the participants breathing a huge sigh of relief. As those of you who have volunteered with us know, double digging is a labor-intensive process. But the good news is that it creates a lazy bed, one that grows better with less water and less weeding than a conventionally dug bed.
Max helps a participant review class materials. All students receive materials specific to Central Texas as well as a copy of The Sustainable Vegetable Garden: A Backyard Guide to Healthy Soil and Higher Yields by John Jeavons and Carol Cox.
In addition to double digging, participants learned about composting, companion planting, and planning a vegetable bed.

If you are interested in future GCP workshops, please check our website for updates.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what one participant had to say:

“Loved it! This workshop provided the perfect amount of information and hands on experience to plan and put in a garden the next weekend. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone who wants to grow vegetables in Central Texas and doesn’t know what to do or how to start. Thanks!!! The Green Corn Project is a fabulous nonprofit. You can count on my support.”–Susan Frentz, March 2009 class

–Suzanne, GCP volunteer and board member


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