Vegetable Gardening at Lady Bird Lake


On Saturday, April 4, Green Corn Project volunteers refurbished our demonstration garden bed at Lady Bird Lake. Located on the north side of the lake just west of the Pfluger pedestrian bridge, our bed is part of The Trail Foundation‘s Adopt-a-Garden program.

Here's how the bed looked before we replanted it with spring vegetables

Here's how the bed looked before we replanted it with spring vegetables

Last year to celebrate GCP’s 10th anniversary, we adopted this bed and planted the first (and only) vegetable garden in the program. The bed is a great opportunity to show what we do to the 1.5 million people who visit the trail every year. Because so many of our gardens are at private homes and schools, this very public space allows us to demonstrate how everyone can grow their own organic vegetables.

Check out photos from last year’s initial dig-in in March and fall refurbishment here.

We decided to keep the bed this year because of the phenomenal response we received. Austinites love this garden!

This season Robby Lee of Austin Green Art helped with the refurbishment. He also brought what is surely going to be the star of this garden: a sculpture by Aaron Harrington that we’ve repurposed into a tomato trellis. Be sure to check it out!

We planted four varieties of tomatoes: yellow pear, Juliet, Stupice, and two Sweet 100s; eggplant, basil, and serrano and jalapeno peppers to add to the existing Swiss chard, oregano, and ornamental peppers.lbl-volunteers
Thanks to Robby (on the far right), as well as volunteers Michael and Andrea Olivier, Catherine Sewell, and Jesse Bowden who dug and planted with me on Saturday morning.
–Suzanne, GCP volunteer and board member


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