More 2011 Spring Dig-ins

We had another successful dig-in season – we installed 7 new gardens and refurbished another 10 to 12. Our self-reliant gardeners picked up their compost and plants to get their gardens going another season themselves. Our self-relients are really our success stories – we help them install their garden and we then return for 3 more seasons to refurbish the bed. After that, if they’re able, we supply the raw materials and they keep the garden going.

I participated in 2 of the new gardens this season – one for Louise Washington and one for an after school child care center. Louise has had a life long interest in gardening but due to health reasons isn’t able to establish a garden herself. With the help of Green Corn Project Volunteers, Louise’s children and grandson, and some refreshments Louise provided, we were able to get her started.

We double dug new beds for both gardens and planted tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, watermelon, cucumbers, basil, and oregano. We heard a lot of interesting stories in the process about Louise’s mother and grandmother growing up on a farm northeast of Austin and her granddaughter, Kayla’s involvement in Urban Roots when she was in high school. We also collected a cup full of grub worms for one of the volunteers to take home to their backyard chickens.

You’ll be able to read more about Louise’s garden in the summer issue of Edible Austin coming out in June.

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