2011 Fall Dig-ins

We wrapped up our fall dig-ins on the 25th – we put in 7 new gardens and refurbished 14. We also provided compost, plants, and seeds to our self-reliant gardeners. Thanks to all of the volunteers that made it all possible and if you didn’t get a chance this season, there will be plenty more opportunities. We can now focus on our fall festival coming up on the 30th at Boggy Creek Farm. This is an outstanding event with lots of good food, drinks, music, and chef demonstrations. Visit our website for additional information and to purchase tickets.

Following is an article that will appear in the next Habitat for Humanity newsletter on one of our gardeners and some pictures from a couple of the fall dig-ins. I hope to see you at the festival!

Mildred’s Garden

Mildred Davis was raised on her parent’s farm in Mansfield, Louisiana; a farm she says that her mother still operates. With a big garden and livestock including goats, ducks, chickens rabbits, and guineas, her mom grew and raised everything the family needed. The desire to grow things has stayed with Mildred ever since as demonstrated by an African Ivy she planted 32 years ago when she was living in a housing project with her four sons. She’s replanted and divided the plant she named Big Mama many times and it’s now taking up most of her front porch.

Mildred’s four sons are now grown and she said, “so far one of them is carrying on the family tradition of gardening”. She now lives with her two daughters in her home built three years ago by Habitat for Humanity. Green Corn Project worked with her in the fall of 2008 to install a 4 by 12 organic vegetable garden. The garden has since doubled in size and Mildred said her family has enjoyed many servings of greens, beans, tomatoes, and squash harvested from her garden. She especially enjoys growing and cooking with herbs. Her favorite is epazote – she keeps dried leaves and ground seeds near her stove and uses them in ground meat, chili, and is particularly fond of its digestive properties in beans.

A few weeks ago, I joined a team of Green Corn Project Volunteers led by Karen Flanagan to clean up and replant Mildred’s garden for the fall. The team loosened the soil, added a layer of compost, and planted chard, spinach, carrots, beets, and other vegetables suitable for fall gardening in Austin.

Green Corn Project works closely with Austin Habitat to help home owners install organic vegetable gardens. We’re an Austin-based non-profit organization started 13 years ago that assists central Texans to take control of their food supply by teaching them to grow and harvest some of what they eat. For more information or to apply for a garden, please visit our website at http://greencornproject.org.

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