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Spring dig-ins and fall seeds to start

It’s been a while since I posted but GCP hasn’t been sitting still. We installed 6 new gardens last spring and refurbished quite a few others. We’ve held dig-in leader trainings, Seeds to Start workshops, and had our first of hopefully many garden maintenance workshop.

Fall is always busy for us with workshops, dig-ins, and getting ready for our annual festival in October. You can sign-up for dig-ins and workshops on our website as well as purchase tickets for the festival. If you haven’t been before, it’s a great family event held at Boggy Creek Farm with delicious food from Austin’s best restaurants, chef demonstrations, and live music. Here are a few pictures from the spring dig-ins and our recent fall STS workshop – I hope to see you soon!

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David —


Happy gardening kids

What do you get when you add 19 VERY enthusiastic second-graders to a plot of dirt, some seeds, and some veggie plants?

More fun than ought to be legal.

There’s nothing more satisfying than being smack in the middle of a group of enchanting kids excited about growing and eating fresh, healthy food. And the children in Ms. Moreno’s class at Brooke Elementary were stoked: As they carefully nestled in their seeds and starts, they rhapsodized about the feasts ahead—“I love beans! I can’t wait for the watermelons!”

“Taking care of the garden and eating from it is the highlight of their day,” says Ms. Moreno. For the past four years, Green Corn Project teams have “refurbed” the Brooke garden plot and brought spring and fall veggies for the children to plant. Here are some volunteers from this spring’s GCP team, enjoying (seriously!) the plot prep as we chatted about the pleasures of growing and eating our own food.
brooke-teamAnd thanks to Ms. Moreno’s two children for their able assistance to the GCP dig-in!
–Helen, GCP volunteer