Spring Dig-in Follow-up

I checked in on a couple of our gardeners this summer and both were doing great.

Roz-Mina Montessori School has had a GCP garden for several years. Director, Shirali Motha says that the kids eat many more vegetables when they participate in the process of growing and harvesting them. Shirali believes in reusing materials from around the school. In the pictures below, you can see a piece of a play scape re-purposed to serve as a trellis as well as a support for shade cloth in the summer or plastic in the winter to extend the growing season.

In an earlier post here and in our article in the spring issue of Edible Austin, I told the story of Louise Washington. Louise has wanted a garden for years but for health reasons has been unable to install one. With Green Corn’s help she now has that garden and even in the middle of our hot summer, the high point of her day is to go out and check on the plants. Louise and her family have harvested and enjoyed tomatoes, beans, and squash and well as several different herbs.

Our fall dig-ins start this weekend and will continue for the next 3 weekends. We’ll visit Roz Mina Montessori, Louise Washington, and many other new and existing gardeners. Please visit our web site for more information and to register to volunteer. This is a great way to increase your gardening knowledge and to share what you know with others.

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